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Our flying sites on the Isle of Wight


We have some great flying sites on the Isle of Wight and would love to welcome you here.

If you are visiting the Island and want to use our flying sites, please contact us before you arrive. We will be happy to give you the low down on the best places to fly and the places you should avoid!

Many of our sites are in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty or on National Trust Land and can be sensitive. The Committee has up-to-date information on any restrictions that are in force and keep members up to date on a regular basis. Visitors and new pilots should take note of the site warnings below.

The usual common sense rules apply:

  • Don’t land in fields where there are animals or crops.
  • If there is no beach, Do not fly the cliffs!  (check Tides)

You can download our Sites Guide by clicking here. Alternatively, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the front cover image Guide.

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Please AVOID BIRD ENCLOSURES at bottom of Brighstone Ridge.


Please TURN LEFT when you leave the parking area to the south of the road.


After discussions with the farmer at Chillerton, our sites officer has established that for Spring 2019 we are able to fly the site at Chillerton. If there are sheep on the take-off please fly sensibly. It is important NOT to panic them. As usual please don’t land in either of the big fields at the bottom.


March 2017 – Clearance work is going on in the grounds of the old holiday camp. DO NOT park in front of the gates or obstruct the entrance. Access is required by the site workers.
Atherfield camp site is out of bounds.


This take-off is CLOSED from 1st March – 15th July to avoid disturbing nesting Peregrines. You may ONLY use the UPPER take-off during this period.

In addition to this, when flying to the WEST of the highest point of the cliffs, (roughly where the footpath intersects the main road), you MUST be able to maintain AT LEAST 100ft clearance from the top of the cliff in order to avoid disturbing the Peregrines on their nest.

  • You are NOT Permitted to overfly the Golf Course.
  • Please DO NOT rig or land on the Golf Course.
  • Do NOT cross the Golf Course on foot.
  • Please Do NOT fly if the beach is crowded and there is any possibility of you landing on it.


This take-off is CLOSED from 1st March – 15th July to avoid disturbing Peregrines and Ravens.


PLEASE! Do not drive on the grass under any circumstances.

Click on the image below to download a PDF of our sites guide.

Isle of Wight Sites Guide 2023 version 5

What3Words locations for Isle of Wight flying sites are as follows:

  • Afton bedding.knowledge.betrayal
  • Alum Bay    dollars.baseless.revamped
  • Atherfield    painter.litters.flask
  • Arreton        jazzy.handfuls.revise
  • Brighstone   rigid.operation.smiles
  • Chillerton     obey.jeering.essays
  • Culver           wound.predict.status
  • Downcourt

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