IOWHPC Weather on the Island


Isle of Wight Weather

The Island seems to have its own micro-climate which means Isle of Wight Weather can be very different from that on the Mainland.

Surrounded by water, we are affected by sea breezes and the wind direction can vary significantly from site to site. We recommend you check the local weather stations as well as the national ones before you decide which Island site to fly.

Below you will find links to useful weather sites and the BBC Tide Tables should help you to fly safely and enjoyably on the Island.

XC Weather


Weather Reports from Bramble Bank

BBC Inshore Forecast

IOW Weather for Bleakdown

Met Office Pressure Charts

Met Office Weather Forecast for St Catherines Point

BBC Tide Tables for Freshwater Bay

If you are still unsure about whether you should fly, contact a member of our committee who will help you out.