Useful information for flying on the isle of wight


We hope the information below will be useful.

Whether you are hoping to fly on the Isle of Wight or abroad, alone or with your family you can find some useful information and links here.

Travelling to the Isle of Wight

There are 3 main operators to get you across the water.
Red Funnel Ferries

Places to Stay on the Isle of Wight

The following places are owned and run by local Pilots:
The Studio Appartment – Sleeps up to 4. Close to Freshwater Bay.
The Little Barn – Sleeps up to 5. In a rural, peaceful setting. Close to Shorwell.
Grange Farm Holidays – Campsite, Cottages and Static Vans, right on the coast at Brighstone.
Brambles Chine – 2 bedroom holiday bungalow near Colwell Bay . Sleeps up to 6.
The Royal Hotel – Hotel accommodation in Ventnor.
Self Contained Annexe – Totland

If you can’t find what you want above, then a comprehensive accommodation list can be found at Visit Isle of Wight.


There are two schools on the Island who teach paragliding and tandem flight experiences:
Paddy Court at High Adventure.
Dave at Butterfly Paragliding.

Ascent Paragliding is run by Aidan Davis (based on the UK mainland). He organises trips abroad, training and flight experiences.


The weather is all important for safe flying. On the Island we also have to consider the tides. (You don’t want to land in the sea!) Listed below are various weather information sites and tide tables for you to be well informed.

Island Specific:
BBC Tide Tables for Freshwater Bay. Important if you are flying the cliffs on the Isle of Wight.
Met Office weather forecast for St Catherines Point. The southern most tip of the Island.
Bleakdown Weather Station – Shows details of weather conditions, forecasts and trends for the Isle of Wight.
Bramble Bank Weather Reports – For wind reports on the northern coast of the Island.
BBC Inshore Forecast for Selsey Bill to Lyme Regis (including the Isle of Wight)

UK General:
Met Office Pressure Charts
RASP – (Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction). Provides data and imagery for gliding but can be used by any one in the UK who wants to know their local weather in 30 minute segments. Useful if you want to plan a days cross country flying.
XC Weather – Current weather information taken from instruments at various locations in the UK. The observation maps are updated every 30 minutes.


Below are some companies who may insure you for flying holidays. We do not vouch (or get paid!) for any of these companies. You need to research and read their proposal documents carefully to ensure you are sufficiently covered.

Airsports Insurance
JS Insurance

If you are a Pilot and know of an insurance company that you think might be useful for other pilots do let us know and we can add them to the list.

Paragliding Organisations

BHPA – The British Hang gliding and Paragliding Association
FAI – The World Airsports Federation
Fly Scotland – The name says it all!
IHPA – The Irish Hang gliding and Paragliding Association
HGFA – The Australian Hang gliding and Paragliding Federation
SHPA – The Swiss Hang gliding and Paragliding Association
USHPA – The United States Hang gliding and Paragliding Association

IOWHPC Club Documents

Click on the titles to download a pdf of the document.

The IOWHPC Constitution

Membership Form

Sites Guide


In addition to checking Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) for restrictions and warnings, you should submit a CANP to warn other pilots of your intentions. This is particularly important if flying Monday – Friday.

The procedure is primarily designed to warn military low flying aircraft of our activity, but in 2014 the system was expanded, and CANPs are now published as NOTAMs. This allows civilian as well as military pilots to see where we are likely to be, although our ceiling will always be limited to 2,000′ AGL.

CANP bookings are now handled by Low Flying Coordination (LFC) at the Military Airspace Management Cell.

The procedure itself is very simple. You should aim to submit your notification to Low Flying Coordination (LFC) by 8.00pm Monday – Thursday and 3.00pm on Friday. This lead-in time is essential to get your notification published in time. You probably won’t know exactly where you are going the day before so it is permissible to nominate 2-3 sites at the same time. Notifications made after this time may still be accepted, but there is no guarantee that they will reach other pilots in time.

All notifications now generate a WARNING of 2nm radius. Other pilots may still decide to fly through the NOTAM but they should be aware of your activity.

You can request a NOTAM via CANP (Civil Aircraft Notification Procedure) online using the CANP for free fliers app, or by phone or e-mail. The latter can be a slow and cumbersome process, whilst the app is simplicity itself. The app has a built in database of flying site names and their respective OS grid references, which makes submitting a CANP request via the app much easier than by phone or email, providing the site you wish to fly is in the app’s sites database.

For further information about the CANP for Fliers app and how to add more sites to its database, please visit our CANP for free fliers app page.

If you prefer to submit a CANP via phone or email, you can contact the LFC by phone on 0800 515544 or 01489 443100, or by email at . But the LFC preference is an email rather than a phone call.

If phoning/emailing you should provide the following details:

  1. Activity: Hang/paragliding/power.
  2. Location: Site grid reference (2 letter 6 figure) and name.
  3. Area of operation: The default is a circle of radius 2nm.
  4. Date and time flying will start/finish (local).
  5. Anticipated maximum operating altitude (AMSL).
  6. Expected number of gliders (>4).
  7. Contact telephone number (ideally a mobile that will work on the site).

Which ever way you choose to submit your request for a NOTAM, you will receive an acknowledgement which will include a unique reference number to confirm that your notification has been processed. You can double check that your NOTAM is on display the following morning.

The LFC is manned Monday to Thursday 7.00am – 8.00pm and Friday 7.00am – 3.00pm. It is acknowledged that CANP therefore doesn’t really work for flying Saturday – Monday am.

Strictly speaking you should only submit a notification if you expect 5 or more pilots to be present. However, since the NOTAM will be published for all to see, and especially if you also publish your intentions on social media, our advice is that in most cases you can be confident that another 4 pilots will turn up.

You may receive a request from LFC to cancel a notification if it is no longer required. You should politely decline this request – other pilots may have assumed that they are covered by your NOTAM.

Since your CANP is published as a warning, other aircraft are within their rights to fly through it. This is perfectly reasonable if there is no activity and they proceed with caution. However, if you feel that an ‘incursion’ is unwise, bordering on reckless, you should report the details to the LFC so that they can investigate the circumstances.

The personnel manning the LFC are a helpful bunch whose sole aim is keeping us all safe. If your flying situation doesn’t exactly match the criteria above it is still worth giving them a call for advice – they might still be able to do something to help.